Center for Pragmatism Studies
Cognitio: Journal of Philosophy

Center for Pragmatism Studies – Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) - Brazil

The Center for Pragmatism Studies (CPS) from the Philosophy Graduate Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil, was founded in 1998 and, therefore, in 2010, completes thirteen years old.

It was born in to gather students and researchers in classical and contemporary pragmatism and in all correlate philosophical disciplines.

Due to the main personal research focus of its founder, prof. Ivo A. Ibri, the CPS more emphatically dedicated its studies to the work of Charles Peirce, and since its beginning has contributed with a significant amount of researchers specialists on Peircean thought. With three research lines, namely, pragmatism and logic, pragmatism and ethics and pragmatism and esthetics, the CPS has stimulated groups of studies around these lines, from which arise the themes for master and PhD dissertations in the graduate program to which the CSP is academically linked.

Also in 1998 the CPS for the first time did organize the 1st Meeting on Pragmatism, held in that year only with Brazilian professors. From 2000 on, the Meetings became the annually International Meeting on Pragmatism (IMP), since the conference started to count on the participation of invited international scholars.

In 2000 for the first time, too, was edited the journal Cognitio, aiming to publish essays in the pragmatism field and the submitted contributions coming from the IMPs. Cognitio nowadays is a highlighted publication of CPS, with its two annual volumes, and it has gotten excellent national and international acknowledgement.
Besides it, the CPS also edit the on line journal Cognitio-Estudos, with the target of publishing papers from students and recent masters and PhDs, most of them from short papers presented in the IMPs.

The CPS plans to keep and make grow all these activities, together with an intense interchange with other international centers, contributing with an approach of pragmatism deeply committed with a permanent dialogue with the history of philosophy.


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